During these Unprecedented Times, Partner with a Proven Team In Hassle-Free Income Investments


Are you a busy professional wanting to create passive income streams through real estate investment?

Discover the Upcoming Investment Opportunities even during COVID-19

Our top investors requested early access to the latest investment opportunities so we created this exclusive group called, the VIP Investor Club. Qualifying investors will gain early access before everyone else which can mean the difference of investing and missing the deal of a lifetime. Many of our investors are busy professionals who do not have the time or access to our dealflow, so many are partnering with us. Even during these times of COVID-19 we are finding investment opportunities that will allow investors to not only preserve their capital but reap the rewards of growth and passive income. As we approach 2021 we’re expecting more lucrative opportunities for investors with liquid investment capital or self-directed retirement accounts.


Our mission is to create and preserve investor wealth through private investments that offer consistent returns without the day to day management. With a track record of efficient management, operations, and market selection process, Vineyard Investment Partners is poised to capitalize on this unprecedented confluence of continued market demand and growth in real estate even during COVID-19.


Vineyard Investment Partners was formed to provide an exclusive alternative investment option to qualified investors. Our objective is to create and preserve investor wealth by offering alternative local investments in the select growth markets and asset classes, that provide diversification from the inherent volatility of the stock market. These private investment alternatives give sophisticated investors an opportunity to contribute to the continued growth of a strong local economy, using proven methodologies that do not rely on a complex trading system.

We understand your desire for active asset management. We also understand that this does not necessarily mean that you want to actively manage every aspect of your investment portfolio yourself.

By investing in our offerings, you are able to benefit from our extensive experience and expertise.

Partnering with Vineyard Investment Partners provides an advantage over investing individually. Utilizing our team’s collective experience and abilities, we are able to quickly analyze deals and efficiently and effectively address any issues that may arise. Our advantage over larger institutional investors is that our managers are directly involved in the placement of the investment funds, as well as having control of the assets’ performance. Vineyard Investment Partners takes the time to evaluate each individual asset to determine if it can exceed our stringent requirements, and produce the returns to meet our obligations to our investors.

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