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After selling off our multi-family assets in the latter part of 2018 we are going into 2019-20 diversifying into single-family homes, industrial, mobile and RV parks

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Current Assets

Houston NW Industrial, TX

Purchased in July 2018 this industrial portfolio consists of six business parks with 19 buildings primarily located in NW Houston.  The massively diversiļ¬ed set of 109 tenants, includes manufacturing, fabrication, and many local service type businesses. The aim is to improve management, stabilize at market occupancy, and sell in 5 to 7 years. 

Collins Estate MHP, NC

This 109 lot mobile home park in Jacksonville, North Carolina was purchased in 2016 with 30 vacant lots and plus another 30 vacant homes in disrepair. The aim to increase occupancy drastically with the rehab of park owned homes and fill the empty lots with new tenant-owned homes.

Maplewood Place Park, LA

Opened in January 2019, Maplewood Place Park is a workforce housing project near Lake Charles, Louisiana  consists of 199 RV pads complete with water, sewer, electric, wifi, laundry facilities and a general store. The aim is to pay back investors within 3-4 years with cashflow continuing for a further 15+ years until lease is up.

Assets Sold in 2018

The following assets were sold in 2018

[email protected], NM

A 77-unit C class apartment complex in Albuquerque New Mexico purchased in October 2016 and sold in January 2019.

[email protected], NM

A 51-unit C class apartment complex in Albuquerque New Mexico purchased in November 2016 and sold in December 2018.

Carrollton Oaks, TX

A 320-unit B class apartment complex in Dallas Texas purchased in May 2016 and sold in June 2018.

Vineyard Pointe, GA

A 77-unit C class apartment complex in Albuquerque New Mexico purchased in June 2016 and sold in December 2018.

Southlake Cove, GA

A 108-unit C class house complex in Atlanta Georgia purchased in June 2016 and sold in December 2018.


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